Total Solar Eclipse
Saturday 11th June 1983

Viewing Point Lat. 6 52'S, Long. 112 21'E (7hrs-29min-24secs)
(Tanjung Kokok; Nr. Surabaya, Java)

1st Contact - 2hrs-58min-11.2secs UT (10hrs 27min 05.5sec LT); Position Angle - 249 degrees; Vertex Angle - 29 degrees.
2nd Contact - 4hrs-32min-26.0secs UT (12hrs 00min 59.7sec LT); Position Angle - 72 degrees; Vertex Angle - 247 degrees.
3rd Contact - 4hrs-37min-33.0secs UT (12hrs 06min 08.5sec LT); Position Angle - 252 degrees; Vertex Angle - 75 degrees.
4th Contact - 6hrs-15min-04.7secs UT (13hrs 43min 35.2sec LT); Position Angle - 76 degrees; Vertex Angle - 299 degrees.

Camera - Olympus OM1N SLR
Fitted with a 250 magazine pack (Film - Ektachrome CR ASA200)
Taken automatically every 2secs, at Totality
(By means of a home-made intervalometer device)
Shutter speed (1/1000sec - 1sec - 1/1000sec) changed during this period

286 Photographs
54 - 1st to 2nd Contact
(Using Solar Skreen Mylar Filter)
216 - During Totality
16 - 3rd to 4th Contact
(Using Solar Skreen Mylar Filter)

Large Image - 1000mm Lens:= 500mm Tamron Mirror Lens + x2 Tamron Convertor
Small Image - 420mm Lens:= 70-210mm Tamron Zoom Lens + x2 Tamron Lens Convertor

Mounted on a Velbon PX-701F Heavy-Duty Tripod

In the In/Out photos section, the coloured IR photos were taken using Kodak Ektachrome
Professional Infrared EIR Film, with a yellow No.12 Kodak filter.

Further photographic details below (Post-Eclipse) and in report

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Photography during Totality (Planning Pre-Eclipse)

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